Current Local Theater Productions

In this section, you will find a listing of current shows at local community theaters in the area (currently western Massachusetts and Connecticut). You will also find information on companies that support the theaters and want to make your theater experience even more enojoyable.

The listing is updated weekly and includes information provided by the theaters to ensure accuracy wherever possible. 


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Spotlight on Talent

The talent in the local community theaters is remarkable. This is where those talented individuals get to shine online.

Actors and actresses can submit their information to be posted, including resumes, head shots, and links to their own online media presence.

And because the productions involve the talents of so many not on stage, you can also find information on set builders, sound and lighting designer, stage managers and more.

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Upcoming Productions

Here you can find information on productions in development, including audition and casting call information for local theaters.

Information is updated weekly with information provided by the theaters and/or directors for the productions listed. 


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Local Business Connections Support Theaters


Local community theater depends on local businesses for services. In addition, many of the talented individuals involved in local theater, whether onstage or behind the scenes, are business owners. In this section you can find information on those businesses that take an active role in supporting the local community theaters.


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Support Local High School Theater Programs


Incredible talent can be found within the local high schools. In this section you can find information on the schools with current and upcoming productions. You can also find information on the alumni of these schools when the student endeavors to make theater their vocation.


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LocalTheaterNow in the works...

Coming soon: a call-in phone line to find out the shows currently in production. This number will feature the latest listings for shows in the area including showtimes, addresses and other relevant information.

LocalTheaterNow in the works...

LocalTheaterNow will offer resources to the local theaters that want to improve their productions. More to come on how to apply for theater upgrade assistance.