Here's a few of the questions that may come to mind about

What is

A resource for community theaters, theater patrons, the talent that brings the shows to life, and the businesses that support these theaters.

What kind of resources are available?

Listings for community theaters, connections to the talent involved in the shows, upcoming show audition and casting call information, and listings for local high school theater productions.

Where did begin?

From a guy that began as a occasional patron of the theaters. That lead to working with the theaters both behind the scenes and onstage. The dedication and commitment of those involved at all levels deserve to have a full house for every performance. From that came the idea for a centralized resource for the theaters and the community that supports them.

Is a nonprofit?

No, was incorporated as a for-profit in 2017.

Why does use a ".org" domain?

To symbolize the non-corporate culture of the community theaters, the majority of which operate on an entirely volunteer basis.